Don't Settle for Poor Insulation

Know when you need new home insulation

If your home insulation isn't up to the task, it's time to reach out to Innovative Insulation & Home Improvement, LLC to find out about replacement options. Old insulation deteriorates over time. We can update your home with insulation made from more effective materials.

How can you tell if your insulation isn't doing its job? Watch out for warning signs such as:

  • Rising electricity and fuel bills
  • Icicles on your gutters or roof
  • Snow melting when it hits your roof
  • Drafts throughout your home
  • Cold air coming from the basement or floor

If you think you might need new home insulation call 814-619-1378. We can install better insulation in no time.

Does your house stay warm in the winter?

If it doesn't, call Innovative Insulation & Home Improvement. Cold air in your home could indicate a problem with your wall, attic, basement or crawl space insulation. If your house is older, it might be relying on fiberglass insulation to seal in heat. Fiberglass can fall down and deteriorate due to moisture in your crawl space. Fiberglass in the wall cavities can also deteriorate, but can be upgraded with spray foam.

Keep an eye on your electricity and fuel bills. If it's getting more and more expensive to heat your home, you should consider the performance of your insulation. Poor insulation can make your bills rise astronomically. An insulation replacement can fix that.

Contact us today to discuss your home insulation.