There's more to insulation than R Value!

As a homeowner, it is important that you understand how and why you should have the best insulation money can here's Insulation 101:

Here's a simple formula: Total Energy Loss or Gain in a building= 25% R Value + 25% Vapor Drive + 50% Air Loss/Gain

Let's break that down into normal language!

R Value:

This is merely a number assigned to an insulating product based on how much heat can transfer through it. The larger the number, the better insulator it is. The problem with looking at R value alone is that it is assigned in a laboratory. It does not account for the other conditions of the total energy equation. Take for instance, as a conscientious home owner, you buy the best R value fiberglass insulation that you can fit in your attic or wall. That's a great start, but does that fiberglass seal to the studs? Does it block air from flowing through it? The answer is no to both of those questions. Fiberglass allows air to flow through it like a filter. Have you ever seen dirty fiberglass insulation? Why is it dirty? Because, it has been acting as an amazing filter, but not such a great insulator!

Vapor drive:

Think about humidity. Doesn't it feel a lot hotter when it's 90% humidity than 50%? What if you could stop that water vapor from moving through your walls, then through your insulation and into your home? The percieved temperature would be lower, even when the actual temperature on the thermometer says it's 80 degrees in your living room. Closed cell foam insulation will do just that!

Air Loss/Gain:

This is the number one contribution to poor energy management. Let's think about a hot summer day. The attic is unbearably hot! Outside air will be drawn in through all lower parts of the house (windows, doors, crawl spaces and walls). This creates a "chimney effect" that completely destroys any hope in the efficiency of a conventionally insulated structure. Moisture (as we just talked about) will be drawn in. Your house will become increasingly uncomfortable. When your house is insulated with traditional fiberglass batt insulation, there are spaces between the studs and the fiberglass. It's just not possible to effectively stop air infiltration into your home, whether it is winter or summer, the outside temperature and humidity will make it's way in!

That finishes the equation.. but there's more! Why choose Applegate Foam insulation?


  1. STRUCTURAL STABILITY: There is no settling or sagging in the wall cavity. This will increase the stability of the structure forever.
  2. YOUR HEALTH! Applegate foam insulation prohibits the growth of mold. It also does not emit inhalable fibers into the air (like fiberglass) and controls indoor air quality.


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